Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday Dining

Today was our first day visiting the school we will be studying at (IED Moda). Along with that, all of us girls did a little exploring of our own. We started out the morning looking for somewhere to get a quick coffee and stumbled upon this cute cafe.. I'm loving the fabulous chandeliers that are everywhere.

After orientation at school, our onsite director, Andrea, treated us all to our first scoop of gelato. We clearly skipped lunch and went straight for dessert. This flavor that I tried was coffee..and it was to die for.

P.S. Andrea gave this gelato place a 6 out of 10... sooo, if it was that good, what does the 10 out of 10 taste like?!

Still hungry after our gelato, we all traveled to the Duomo area to search for some food. It was happy hour at most places, which doesn't mean half price drinks like it does in America. Happy hour here is where you pay regular price for any drink and get all-you-can-eat finger foods for free. So, of course I had to add some southern style to my Italian dinner and order sweet tea. ;)

After many selfies, group photos and endless window shopping around the Duomo, we decided to head home, but first, had to get a little late night snack... Mcdonad's Fries (or patate regulari)

 It's been a long/busy day. Time to go to bed (after I watch The Bachelor, of course) Goodnight, America.


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