Monday, March 2, 2015

One Month

This past weekend marked one month since arriving in Milan. I truly cannot believe that its already been a month since I left Kentucky. Time is definitely flying by (which, I knew it would) but we are making the most of it. It is finally starting to warm up (unlike it is back home), which is making going out all day a lot more enjoyable.

I had a familiar face visit last Tuesday, which was nice. Dr. Spillman from the Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles department at UK, along with the other girls' professors, came with KEI to check out the program, where we live, our classes, etc. It was so great talking with her and showing her how awesome it is here. She has helped me immensely with this whole process and has been so nice to make sure that I get all of the classes that I need to graduate on time.

In honor of Fashion Week and in honor of our one month anniversary together, all of us girls (minus Meggy Dee who is spending the weekend in Florence) went to the Armani Lounge Friday night. Shout out to Meghan for always knowing connections. 

"Elegance is not about being noticed, it's about being remembered"- Giorgio Armani

 Saturday night we went to Aperitivo at the Sheraton Diana Majestic Milano. It was so beautiful there, especially outside which we sat at even though its still technically winter. (Christine O and I were twinning and winning the whole weekend. First with the red and then with the black hat ensembles).

After hitting up the Sheraton, we went to a Fashion Week Event. It was an open showroom for a local Italian designer. While we were looking around, taking pictures, etc, one guy started talking to us asking us where we are from and why we are in Milan. He worked for a blogger and was sharing with us a little bit about how to succeed in the fashion world. The first word of advice that he gave us was "don't eat". The first place we went after leaving the showroom was to get Gelato.. HAHA (the best gelato too.. they fill the cone up with melted, warm chocolate and then put the gelato on top + whipped cream).

Then, on Sunday, it was a beautiful day with SPRING temperatures, so we walked around and tried (and failed) to find some other showrooms. In our failed attempt to find what we were looking for, we walked on Montenapoleone Street and saw the designer's art on the ground that is only around during Fashion Week. Various designers have their own individual squares lining the streets that are unique to the brands. Some of the ones we passed included Missoni, Valentino, Moschino, Alberta Ferretti, etc. 

The street is also lined with every top designer that you can think of. It's basically a fashionsita's dream becoming a reality.. and definitely not something you see in good ole KY.

I am literally in LOVE with this city, country, this shopping, these girls, our classes, and everything about life here. Here's to three more amazing months, EUROPE!

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  1. What a crazy, wonderful week Fashion week must have been! Love all the pics and all the events! Gelato sounds amazing...especially the melted chocolate part! :) love and miss you like crazy, but am so happy and proud of you dear sweet Carli Marie in Italy!