Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I was totally in my element today as I got to bring out my love of photography. Tina and Chris and I are in a black and white darkroom photography class here at IED and today we were able to print some of our images that we've shot over the last couple of weeks. Last semester at UK, I took color darkroom which, may sound similar but is TOTALLY different than black and white darkroom photography. I won't go into details but even though I have a little experience working in the darkroom, I am still learning so much from this class. Our teacher is Piero De Grossi who studied photography in New York and has been a photographer for over 30 years. I love being able to learn from him and see how he works with the camera. The girls and I have slowly, but surely caught on to the developing process and are starting to become better photographers. Here is my first print done in the black and white darkroom for this class (you can't get the full effect since I took this picture on my iPhone)..

Keeping the photography theme, Debra and I are taking a History of Fashion Photography class here at IED also and it is by far our favorite class. Our teacher is super nice and knows a lot about former and present fashion photographers. Considering that this is the career that I want to go into, I definitely enjoy it (not just because we get to watch documentaries about Vogue every class). Today, he took us to the David Bailey Stardust exhibition that is being held in Milan temporarily. I normally do not enjoy art exhibitions at all, but this one was worth my money. David Bailey is a fashion photographer who has worked with everyone from Kate Moss to Mick Jagger. The exhibition held over 250 of his photos from when he toured with the Rolling Stones, when he shot fashion icons, when he visited Papua New Guinea and many more. Here are some photos of the exhibition that I found online..

P.S. Mom and Aunt Ruthie, the shot of John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the bottom pic is one of his most famous pieces. 

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