Wednesday, May 27, 2015


This past weekend was my last full weekend in Europe, sadly. I can't bare the thought of leaving my girls or leaving Italy in general, so to make the most of our time left, we headed to Barcelona, Spain for the weekend. Thursday night, my Regina Margherita girls and I boarded our flight for our last trip together. We've had this one planned for a couple of months and have all been looking forward to it.

Friday, we spent the day touring. We started our morning with Starbucks (shocker), and headed off to Park Guell. This landmark in Barcelona is one of the most visited spots. With an amazing view of the city and ocean, beautiful gardens and amazing architecture it is a must-see.

After Park Guell, we went and saw the Sangrada Familia. The famous basilica has been under construction since 1882. 

We grabbed lunch at an adorable tex-mex restaurant that had the perfect Mexican food I had been craving. 

After lunch, we walked around town and enjoyed more of the architecture by Antoni Gaudi. 

On Saturday, we got to spend the morning on the beach relaxing. The beaches in Barcelona were nonexistent until 1992 when they brought over Egyptian sand to attract tourists for the world cup. Being on a sandy beach was certainly a nice change compared to the rocky ones that we have visited in Italy. 

To top off our relaxing Saturday, we headed to see a Barcelona Futbol game that evening. I know absolutely nothing about soccer but there are very few things I enjoy more than big sporting events. This game happened to be the last of the season and was one of their most loved player's, Xavi's last game. It was such an amazing experience to see how soccer is around the world and how much people live and breathe this sport. 

Everywhere we go it seems like we are asking the question, "Where's Deb?". This trip was no different. Every time we thought she was a goner, she had just stopped to get food. Gotta love her. 

Sunday was spent touring the Gothic parts of Barcelona, enjoying an evening on the beach, shopping and ended with seeing the Magic Fountain show at Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. 

George Orwell plaza. There is a security camera in the area that is the only place in Barcelona that has 24 hour surveillance contradicting his book 1984. 

Place del Veronica- Art School that Picasso attended at age 13.

Santa Maria del Mar

What's a trip to Starbucks if they don't spell your name completely wrong?

We had an early flight leaving Monday morning and had to get to the airport even earlier. We grabbed dinner after the fountain show at the Hard Rock Cafe and stayed up until our cab picked us up around 3:30am. We are still trying to catch up on our sleep but it was all worth it. 

I have enjoyed each and every trip spent with these girls and wouldn't trade a second of them for anything. We may have terrible luck when it comes to direction, transportation, you name it, but they've made for memories that I'll have forever. Thanks, Barce for another amazing weekend. 


  1. Color, light, refraction; all lost and gained every day. Sunrise, sunset, pulled together by our paint and The Lord's water. All this you've seen and recorded for us. Thank you.

  2. Love all your pics and especially the buildings and the water ones (and of course you doing your back bend!) Flawless! :) love, Aunt Ruthie